Photo The Canadian way of Life : customs and habits

The Canadian way of Life : customs and habits

The Canadian way of Life : customs and habits

Canada is located in the north of the USA. It has three main cities, which are Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Canada is home to indigenous people of Inuit, Native Americans, French, German, Scottish and English ancestry. Apart from that, it is also home to thousands of immigrants from Asia and Africa. 

In fact, Canada is endowed with a cultural mosaic due to diversity in ethnic groups. Most ethnic groups in Canada preserve their particular culture.

In other words, the Canadian society is characterized by the absence of a unique core identity. Discover the Canadian way of life, concerning habits and customs with the online travel agency eDreams.

A country of language diversity

Respect for others is an important value in Canada. This can be manifested by the importance of sharing human, cultural and ethical values in the whole society.

This is probably the reason why there are two official languages, French and English, in the country. In some parts of the country, like Qu├ębec, people only speak French; while in other regions, people will hardly understand you if you do not speak English.

Canadian habits

  •  People: Canadian people are friendly, sincere and kind. On the other hand, they are also reserved. They avoid showing their emotion. 
  • Eating habits: Canadians eat more fruits, vegetables and flour-based carbohydrates. In fact, Canadians consume more potatoes than flour. A typical dish in this country is mashed potatoes and chicken or turkey. 
  • Healthy diet: They pay attention to their diet in order to stay healthy. As a result, they eat very little red meat, and drink very little fizzy drinks and cow milk. Banana is the staple dessert due to its low cost, but apple is also a popular dessert. Healthy eating is the key to Canadian eating habits.

Discover the Canadian customs

Canada is a country of multiculturalism as a result of the presence of diverse ethnic groups. However, there are a few customs which are considered important and are celebrated with specific rituals in this country. 

  • Pregnancy and babies: It is customary for expecting women to announce their pregnancy to the family, close relatives and friends. A baby shower is thrown in order to celebrate that event. When the baby is born, guests are expected to come over with a gift for the baby. In addition, it is common for parents to clothe newborn girls with pink clothes. However, baby boys are often dressed up in light blue. 
  • Losing a tooth: It is the custom for Canadian kids to put a lost tooth under their pillow at night. It is believed that a fairy will come and buy the tooth. So the child will expect to find money instead of his tooth in the morning when they get up. 
  • Coming of age: This is to celebrate the move from youth to adulthood. In fact, when an adolescent reaches the age of 21, it symbolizes maturity and responsibility. As a result, when an adolescent reaches this age, a huge party takes place, and a special gift is given.

Travel to Canada

There is a lot to say as far as Canadian customs and habits are concerned. The country is endowed with a rich cultural heritage due to its multi-ethnicity. The best way to explore the Canadian lifestyle is to travel to the country. To fly to Canada, book online through the eDreams' website. You can also book by phone and make a hotel reservation through eDreams.