Photo The most beautiful sites to see in Canada

The most beautiful sites to see in Canada

The most beautiful sites to see in Canada

It is fascinating that Canada is endowed with many trees. However, did you know that Canada contains 30 % of the boreal forest of the world and 10 % of the world forests? That's not all. 1 in 5 inhabitants is not a native Canadian. Culture diversity makes Canada the second most interesting country in the world. 

A country of discovery

When we hear Canada, its cold climate comes to our mind. In fact, it is much colder than other countries. This makes it more interesting. Here are some of the most beautiful sites to discover in Canada. 

  • Niagara Falls: Registered on the UNESCO world heritage list, this remarkable spot contains the richest and most fossiliferous grounds in Canada. Several short walks lead to shop windows where bones of dinosaurs were discovered 
  • Montmorency Falls: It pours in the river Saint Laurent. With its 83 meters in height, the Fall is the highest of the province of Quebec and overtakes thirty meters of Niagara Falls. A legend surrounds the beauty of the Montmorency. It is the legend of the White Lady throwing herself into the Fall after a disappointment in love affairs. 
  • The National Jasper Park: In front of the Ocean of wild nature, it offers you a magnificent panoramic view through its “Icefield Parkway”. You can ride the Jasper Skytram and visit lakes, falls, rivers, mountains and deep canyons after. 
  • The Brockville Railway: As the first railway in Canada, it passes beneath Ontario. It was designed to link Ottawa Valley to the Brockville. What makes it special is its design with modern LED colored light system. Colors change through the sound which played in the background. A visit in this tunnel is a time jump when Brockville was asserted to help the region's economy and makes you realize the power of nature 
  • Battle Harbour National: It describes Canada's history from 19th to 20th Century in Labrador. It is a beautiful site for whale watching and hiking. Besides, there are interesting museums around. Seabirds, whales and icebergs can be seen along the way. There are many paths to take as through Green Gardens, Burnt Hill Trail or East Coast Trail

Go to Canada

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