Photo An immersion trip in Canada

An immersion trip in Canada

Enter the Canadian world by discovering the behavioral styles, the habits of the inhabitants and the places to visit. In terms of languages, English and French are spoken depending on the part of Canada.

Sometimes, we even have the impression that they are very similar. Nevertheless, Canada stands out through its values, the beauty of its landscapes and its culinary art. Every year, this country receives more than 15 million visitors. Here is an overview of this place with unique culture and charm.

An incomparable culture

One of the hallmarks of Canada is its culture. Despite the diversity of people who live there, it has a culture that has been respected for years and remains important until today. Moreover, their culture did not freeze in the past but is open to the world today, you will go through this by browsing these points: ­

  • Religion: The majority of Canadians are Roman Catholics and the state cooperates with various existing religious communities for years to promote social well-being and mutual respect. The state even hosts many refugees and immigrants by offering them various basic community services. ­
  • Homosexuality: gays and lesbians are protected by a law concerning equal treatment such as the authorization of same-sex marriage. ­
  • Ice Hockey: It's an institution in Canada and this sport is sacred to Canadians. This game has existed for centuries and there are more than 100 Hockey clubs all over Canada. ­
  • Garage sale: a concept of garage sales aiming to reinforce the links between neighbors. This sale is made every spring for those who have a full garage. ­
  • 5-7: Also called "after-work", spending time together after work is part of Canadian customs. Admittedly, employees share a few drinks, but this moment is based on sharing their day.

Cooking in Canada

In Canada, each province and region of the country has its specialties, but overall, their cuisine is warm and varied. However, the dish like the fricot, which is a stew of fish or poultry, mixed with vegetables (carrots, potatoes) delights the taste buds thanks to its simplicity and flavor.

As a traditional dish, you can discover the "tourtière", made either from poultry meat, game or beef. As a drink, there are the ideal Canadian beers for those who love pressure. Molson Canadian and Labatt Blue are everyone's favorites. One of the typical dishes of Canada is smoked meat. As for sandwiches, they are spicy with mustard but also a bit sweet to balance the taste.

Historical places

When visiting Canada, there are places you should visit. Historical sites characterizing this country as complex and fascinating as: ­

  • CN Tower: This National Tower of Canada is considered as one of the seven wonders of the contemporary world. Also categorized as a major world building, it offers a panoramic view of 342m above sea level and features a glass floor sculpture. ­
  • The Parliament of Canada: rich in history, this monument rebuilt after several damages is an endless library with more than 17 linear km of documents. ­
  • Château Frontenac: This grand hotel dating from the 19th century attracts many tourists. Located in Quebec City, it was presented as the National Historic Site of Canada in 1981.

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